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Technology and Formulation

Sun City Food Industries Sdn Bhd’s beverages formulation and technology is invented from Company founder’s modern thinking and Sun Jiugong’s modulated unique formula. Company founder has graduated from Deakin Unversity, Australia. Founder loves food nutrition research and development.

In the other side, Sun Jiugong is a very experience person in coffee.  Sun Jiugong began to work in coffee factory in 1969, when he was twenty years old until he became charcoal coffee sifu master. Love to coffee, he never desalinates. He has more than forty years’ experience, he decided to develop a unique charcoal roasted coffee for own house brand My LITANS js pure white coffee formulation, which coffee is tasted smooth and rich in aroma. With the founder modern thinking and latest extraction technology, My LITANS js pure white coffee has invented into convenience instant pure white coffee.

Today, thanks to Sun Jiugong’s unique formula,  LITANS js white coffee has gained love and esteem from coffee lover.


Sun City Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Sun City Marketing incorporated in year 2005 as a trading company to trade in hotel and restaurant products . Due to the expansion, the Company decided to set up a manufacturing company in year 2010,  which is Sun City Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.. Sun City Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. operates as manufacturing and marketing of nutrition and healthy beverage products to local and oversea markets.

Sun City Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. also specialist in private label and contract manufacturing for wholesalers and retailer to develop their own brand products. The objective of Company is to grow and maintenance with quality and premium of products.



A Smooth and Rich Nutritious LITCO Dark Chocolate Malt Drink

LITANS Creamy Milk
with Seaweed Calcium

LITANS Black Coffee

My LITANS js Premium Pure White Coffee



Now available at Billion Supermarket, Seberang Jaya.


Now available at MK Organic, Simpang Ampat.


Now available at Ren Ze Tang Chinese Physician, Geogtown, Pg.


Now available at Goorganic, Pulau Tikus